How to Repost on TikTok to Share Videos – Complete Guide

how to repost on tiktok

Have you come across a wonderful video on TikTok and want to share it with your TikTok friends? Previously, you could only share the video with your followers via direct messaging, but how to repost on tiktok now allows you to repost movies directly to your friends’ feeds. This page explains how to get started with this functionality.

What Is the TikTok Reposting Feature?

TikTok’s repost function is quite similar to Twitter’s RT feature. Its scope is similar in that you can share your favourite app content with your followers. But, there is a big difference – at least for certain users. Reposted TikTok videos will not appear on your profile. These are instead delivered to your followers’ “For You” feeds. Nevertheless, if you’re a member of TikTok’s Creator Fund, you may see a “Repost” section on your profile, depending on your location.

Section on TikTok’s profile for reposting

TikTok launched this functionality to allow users to reshare their favourite videos without having to download and reupload them. Furthermore, reposting enables TikTokers to share other people’s content without fear of infringement.

TikTok Reposting Instructions

Before attempting to repost something on the TikTok app, ensure that the app is up to current. The two methods for reposting on TikTok are discussed below.

  • You cannot repost TikTok videos from your computer.
  • derived from feed
  • Go to a video you want to republish on the TikTok app.
  • In the menu in the lower-right side of the screen, tap the “Share” button.
  • TikTok video with a share button.
  • From the bottom, a menu window will appear. Choose “Repost.”
  • Repost button in TikTok video menu.
  • If this is your first time using this service, you will see further information. To continue, click the “Repost”
  • button at the bottom.
  • The message “Repost this video” appears.
  • A short message at the bottom will notify you that the video has been reposted.
  • TikTok video with “You reposted” message.
  • If you like, you may leave a comment on the video. Return to the bottom and click “Add a comment.”
  • TikTok video “Add remark” option.
  • A text box will appear. By hitting the “@” button, you can tag your followers. This assures that the repost gets seen by them.
  • Making a comment on a TikTok video.
  • Did you know that you can also create Stories on TikTok? Begin right away.
  • If you accidentally pushed the comment button on a video instead, then remembered you wanted to repost it, you can do so right from the comments.
  • Start typing your comment in the text box at the bottom.
  • Repost function enabled in TikTok video comments.
  • Choose the “Repost” option from the drop-down menu. The footage will be shared again.
  • Please keep in mind that once you enable the “Repost” option in the comments, it will remain active.
  • Remember to uncheck the box if you don’t want to repost the next video you comment on.

How to Undo a TikTok Repost

Have you changed your mind about reposting a specific video, or did you do it by mistake? Not a problem; you can quickly correct your error. This is how. If you haven’t already swiped to another video and are still viewing the clip you’ve reposted, touch the “Share” button once more. TikTok video with a share button. When the bottom pop-up appears, click “Remove post.” TikTok video has “Delete repost” option. At the top, you’ll see a notification that states, “Your repost has been removed.” TikTok video with “Your repost was removed” warning. It’s worth noting that you can make TikTok safer for children and young adults by enabling parental restrictions.

How to See Your TikTok Reposts

As previously said, displaying your reposts on your profile is not yet widely available. Here’s a solution if you don’t see a specific section on your profile to assist you find your reposts.

  • Tap the “Profile” icon at the bottom of the TikTok feed.
  • TikTok’s profile button.
  • Press the hamburger menu in the upper-right corner of your profile page.
  • TikTok “Settings & Privacy” page.
  • Choose “Privacy and settings.”
  • Locate and select “Watch history.” This feature should be available in the “Content & Display” section.
  • We have a special section about Watch history if you want to learn more about it.
  • TikTok Settings has a “Watch history” option.
  • Scroll through your watch history to see if you can remember which videos you’ve reposted. Having this material at your disposal should help to refresh your memory.
  • Looking through the TikTok app’s Watch history.
  • Tap on a video to see if you’ve reposted it, then proceed to the “Comments” section.
  • TikTok video message button.
  • If you reposted it, the information should be at the top. You’ll also be able to see whether any of your friends have how to repost on tiktok the same video.
  • “Reposted this video” statement on TIkTok comments.
  • If nothing appears, try viewing the creator’s profile. Locate the relevant video and read the comments from there.
  • From the video, navigate to the TikTok user profile.
  • If you reposted via comments, your comment should be visible at the top, along with a small repost icon indicating that you’ve shared the post with your followers.
  • The repost option appears to be slightly unstable right now. During our testing, the “Repost” status of a video was withdrawn at random. In our testing, we found that two hours after reposting a video, a “Reposted this video” reference appeared in the comments. The next day, however, the mention was gone, and the “Repost” button was back, as if nothing had happened.
  • This inconsistent behaviour could imply that TikTok is still working out the intricacies of the option.
    To clarify, when one of your TikTok pals reposts a video you’ve already reposted, you’ll receive an app notification and message.

What Do TikTok Reposts Look Like?

Do you want to know how you’ll know if you’ve found a repost? There are a few red flags. ideas that have recently been reposted by one of your friends may have a redesigned “Share” button. It will resemble the reposter’s profile image (in small), but with an arrow on top.

At the same time, the “Repost” button on the left may be visible, or a remark that a certain follower has reposted the video may appear in its place (if you keep the video open long enough). TikTok’s Share button was changed after a repost. Instagram, unlike TikTok, does not allow you to directly download videos from its platforms. Here’s how to get Instagram Reels for free.

Can I share TikTok videos on other platforms?

Yes. Keep in mind, though, that the video will include a floating TikTok watermark. If that isn’t an issue, you can share a TikTok video by clicking the “Share” button and choosing the app where you wish to share the clip. Alternatively, you can download the video first, then share it to your preferred app. Just bear in mind that the downloaded video will include a watermark to prevent piracy.

Can you repost a TikTok video?

Surprisingly, this option is not available in the app. If you don’t have the video on your phone anymore, you’ll need to download it again and re-upload it.

Can I disable the feature if I do not want others to repost my content?

Unfortunately, it does not appear that this is currently achievable on TikTok, even if you are a content provider.

What are the alternatives to TikTok’s Repost button?

The Repost button is only one method of sharing TikTok movies with others. Further options include the Stitch and Duet features, which can also be accessed from the “Share” screen. Stitch lets you integrate another video (that you’d like to share) with the one you’re working on. Duet, on the other hand, allows you to submit your video alongside another creator’s video (in split screen view).

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