7 Smart Gadgets For Men (And Women)

Let’s mix men and technology for a moment. No offence ladies but men are known to love gadgets a little bit more. Most men (and some women) collect gadgets. And why not? Thanks to advancements in modern technology, new gadgets are “better than ever”, every month. Put simply, most men can never get enough of gadgets. They are cool, everyone has them, they look great and are useful. No wonder gadgets are great presents, not at least for Christmas and Father’s Day. Gadgets are not personal like perfume and therefore easy to give to someone you don’t know very well. The fact that it’s cheap, and easy, for a business to have their logo printed on any type of gadget, makes them the perfect gift to give away at events or to send customers as online promotions. Everyone will be happy with what they get. Men because they can’t get enough of gadgets and women because they are practical. The Swedish designer lamp, Mooni Lamp, is one of the gadgets PlayIgo will give away this year to some of their Finnish VIP players for Christmas and it really is the perfect gift in the midst of the winter darkness!

By now you probably want to see our selection of the seven smartest and coolest gadgets on the market right now. Well, below you can see the top of the gadgets any man (and woman) would love to get this winter!

  • Zwift Runpod

Running may be easy during the summer but as the days get shorter we need something fun to keep our motivation up. Here it is – the “Zwift Runpod”. Connect this small gadget to your shoes and you will keep running all winter! As you run (on a treadmill or outside) you will have the ability to watch an avatar running on a digital island. Even better, there are other runners there as well. You can keep your eye on various stats, missions, and more. The idea is to make running more fun and more competitive so men want to run even more. It definitely works and it is a very appealing product.

  • Mooni Modern lamp with a speaker

As the name suggests, this is a lamp that comes with a built-in speaker. If you have ever been in Sweden during the winter you understand why the design team at Mooni came up with this bright idea. You can connect your phone, listen to music, keep the sound on while you play casino games in secret, or simply want to watch a movie in private or listen to some soft music as you read a book in bed late at night. This gadget really offers the best sound quality and is great for outdoor as well. The speaker in question is 10 Watts which isn’t much but can provide excellent sound quality at all times. Add the fact this is a lamp also with a hidden speaker and you get an impressive gadget to use on a daily basis.

  • ZENS Apple Watch USB Wireless charger

ZENS Apple Watch USB wireless charger is precisely as the name suggests. It is a charger for your smartwatch. Finally, you don’t have to carry a standard wireless charger for your Apple Watch. Bring the gadget in question, connect it to any USB device such as a computer, phone charger or etc. and wirelessly recharge the battery on your watch within minutes. This device is handy but it is primarily designed to be used on laptops due to USB orientation. It supports all Apple Smartwatches from first to the newest Apple Watch 6.

  • Silentmode Powermask

Silentmode Powermask is a bit of a special gadget. At first, it doesn’t look like a gadget at all. But, if we take a deep look into the product, we can see clever features. First of all, the mask will go over your eyes and ears. It will completely block the sounds and light. As such, you can sleep completely isolated regardless of where you are at that moment. The mask has a Bluetooth connection module. It allows you to connect it to your smartphone and use built-in speakers to meditate or listen to anything you like.

  • KOBLE Carl table

This is basically a coffee table. You can use it normally, like any other table or you can use its smart features. The unit comes with 2 Bluetooth speakers hidden beneath the surface. There are also 2 USB ports (used for charging devices) and there are controls on the top of the table. Users who like to hang out, drink coffee, and who always need music and charging cable will feel right at home. This unit is ideal for all of them and it simply eliminates the need for additional speakers and chargers while sitting at a table.

  • Momax UV-C LED

During the pandemic, we all need and want to use hand sanitizer every single day. But, it is often messy, doesn’t look cool and some of them smell really bad. It is also an old-school solution, some people don’t really like. The new solution is Momax UV-C LED. It is a pen with a special LED built-in. Once you use it, it will kill 99.9% of bacteria and germs on your hands, sanitizing them even better than the old type of hand sanitizer. The process takes between 10 and 30 seconds and can be used countless times per day.

  • Nanoleaf Shapes

This isn’t a completely new or radical gadget. In fact, it has been seen several times and it uses known design. These are LED mirrors. You will hand them on your wall and when you touch them, they will turn on as regular lights. The best part is in the fact there is no need to drill any holes or hire a handyman to connect them. Use double-sided tape, included in the package, and place them anywhere you like. The LEDs in Nanoleaf Shapes are sensitive to music so you can have your personal lighting show right now. When light isn’t used, they act as ordinary mirrors. Users can connect and match as many modules as they like.

Not yet convinced? 

These gadgets all offer great advantages, they are easy to use and they solve a problem. They are reasonably affordable and can make your life much easier. Even if you do not use them, each one will look epic at your home and you can expect many positive comments and questions being asked by other men and women.

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