Onboarding LMS – 16 Best Employee Onboarding LMS Platforms

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To assist new recruits in assimilating your corporate culture, an effective onboarding LMS program using an LMS is crucial. It is a crucial initial step in ensuring that new hires comprehend both their work responsibilities and all of your procedures. The key characteristics of the best LMSs based on their experience with employee onboarding are highlighted in this list to help you make an easier decision about your LMS.

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Picking Out The Best Employee OnBoarding LMS Software For Coorporate Training

Which LMS for staff onboarding is ideal for your company’s needs? Always a difficult choice. These days, a single orientation just isn’t sufficient. Today’s workers look for continuing assistance to fill up any gaps that may arise and to promote good performance habits. And the whole affair starts with a thorough onboarding procedure that addresses everything from dress code to work walkthroughs.

How can you determine which new hire training LMS is most cost-effective? You may lose countless hours browsing customer evaluations and landing sites online. But hoping to happen upon a platform that is within your budget and provides the best value for money is not the answer. You probably want to know how staff onboarding software improves client loyalty. For your training business, you might also wish to investigate the benefits of specialist eLearning software. Going above and above, we’ll examine everything to support your LMS decision-making process.

The top onboarding LMS can assist you in implementing best-in-class onboarding initiatives that increase new recruit engagement, address individual pain points, and foster a culture of collaborative online learning. Thanks to anytime, anywhere access, each team member can concentrate on both personal aspirations and corporate goals.

What ought to be your course of action now? Our comprehensive directory of the best onboarding LMS companies will give you a good start. All the information you want to choose the finest LMS for your onboarding efforts is provided in our insights.

16 Best Employee Onboarding LMS Platforms

#1. Talent LMS

onboarding LMS

Whether you onboard new workers in-person or remotely, TalentLMS is made to make the process simple for all parties. And because of this, 43% of TalentLMS users utilize the platform to carry out this specific action.

With TalentLMS an Onboarding LMS, you can shorten training sessions, cut training expenses, and successfully complete online onboarding training! With your free account, get started.


  • Go Live By Day’s End
  • Streamline the Procedure
  • Continually update onboarding training

#2. Adobe Learning Manager

onboarding LMS


The new currency is skill. Utilizing Adobe Learning Manager an Onboarding LMS, recruit, hire, onboard, upskill, and reskill your workers to keep them current. By hiring top talent and utilizing automated employee onboarding procedures driven by Adobe Learning Manager, your business can stay one step ahead of the competition. Are you anticipating providing cutting-edge learning experiences with an LMS that has won awards.


  • Simple Learning Structure Setup
  • Plans for Automated Learning
  • Personalization on Demand

#3. Docebo



By demonstrating your organization’s commitment to their personal and professional development with ongoing learning opportunities that will keep them coming back for more, Docebo an Onboarding LMS can help your business hire new employees at the rate of growth, retain top talent, and lower the costs associated with employee churn.


  • Scale quickly and expand quickly
  • Automate Manual Tasks That Take Up Time
  • Provide inspiring and engaging experiences
  • Embrace ongoing learning
  • Place All Educational Activities Under One System

#4. 360 Learning

onboarding LMS

Effectively onboarding LMS staff by giving subject matter experts the freedom to design training that gets new hires up to speed quickly. Encourage widespread information exchange to make new hires feel welcome right away.

Customers claim that their perspective on learning has altered.


  • Courses Can Be Made In Minutes, Not Months
  • Learn From Those Who Are the Experts in Your Industry
  • Scale Onboarding with Personalized, Relevant Learning

#5. Sap Litmos

onboarding LMS


With 22 million users worldwide, SAP Litmos offers an eLearning system that has won several awards. The system combines SAP Litmos Training, a potent onboarding LMS, with SAP Litmos Training Content, a substantial online course archive. With features like video-based material and a well-known user interface, it’s the perfect online training tool to onboard new staff.


  • Simple For Admins
  • For New Employees, Simple
  • Engaging Right Away

#6. Stream LXP From Learning Pool

onboarding LMS

Learning Pool has reached a significant 12-month milestone. The launch of their new LXP, Stream, the acquisition of the highly regarded innovative learning solutions provider, HT2 Labs, and the expansion of their client base to more than 800 international organizations are some of the highlights. They have also won a wide range of awards, including Gold for Innovation at the 2019 Learning Technologies Awards and Gold at the International CSR awards.


  • Front-door learning, development, and performance support
  • Onboarding lms and concurrent active work
  • User-generated content and social learning

#7. Absorb LMS


Absorb is dedicated to fostering learning Onboarding LMS everywhere—in the course of business, as a component of culture, and regardless of place. Employee success depends on having a positive first experience, which Absorb offers for both formal and informal learning.


  • Consider Engage
  • Take in knowledge
  • Collaborations

#8. Cornerstone Learning


Cornerstone an Onboarding LMS is a pioneer in corporate learning, which naturally includes onboarding, one of the most crucial phases of an employee’s stay. HR executives may create and carry out well-thought-out programs that provide outcomes.

  • Curation
  • Social
  • The Center

#9. Fuse


By enabling new recruits to access the tacit knowledge of subject matter experts and surface the precise information they require, in context and in flow, to promote productivity and performance, Fuse an Onboarding LMS enables optimum onboarding.

  • Flowing Access To Knowledge
  • Smart Technology
  • Review and Update

#10. Rockstar learning Platform

onboarding LMS

The Rockstar Onboarding LMS Platform, one of the end-to-end learning solutions offered by ELB Learning, offers and monitors interactive learning experiences to support your changing business demands, particularly virtual onboarding.

  • Electronic Event Manager
  • Pre-Assessment
  • Social Development

#11. Curricula

onboarding LMS


A entertaining eLearning Onboarding LMS platform is curriculum. It leverages narrative-based learning to make dull staff training classes more engaging. With a straightforward built-in content editing tool, users can easily design employee learning routes. You will like utilizing curricula just as much as others do.

  • Customized Onboarding for New Hires
  • Ready-Made Resources For Training Based on Stories
  • ideal for raising security awareness

#12. Brightspace

Onboarding LMS

Deliver professional onboarding LMS, training, and development programs that are adaptable, accessible, and scalable to speed up time to productivity and promote long-term success for your business and its staff.

Develop staff training programs that can provide your business a competitive edge in a crowded market and ensure that success endures.

  • the most important skills to target
  • Develop Intuitive Training
  • Make use of internal analytics

#13. Code Of Talent

onboarding LMS

Award-winning platform Code of Talent assists new hires in learning and applying information in real time and for the least amount of money. They may improve learning and make it more enjoyable, which will revolutionize your onboarding LMS experience.


  • More Participation
  • Cost-Effectiveness
  • Dashboard for Analytics

#14. Abara

onboarding LMS

Abara an Onboarding LMS uses an HTML5 user interface and stands out from the competition by offering a variety of onboarding-based resources and services, such as a central library of onboarding-related courses that can be set up to be readily available to all new hires. These courses provide a variety of subjects that may be customized, including training on the company’s history and policies, on-the-job training, supporting training, and role-specific training.
Abara is a wonderful option for businesses who want to create a simple onboarding program without the trouble and time commitment of creating their own material.

#15. LearnUpon

onboarding LMS

An Onboarding LMS called LearnUpon is designed to assist you in training your partners, customers, and staff. The platform is developed to provide scalable, high-quality corporate learning experiences.
LearnUpon features a user interface (UI) that will perform just how you need it to in addition to having a great balance of intuitive visual design and functionality. Both the administrative side and the learner side of this LMS are incredibly user-friendly. It is aesthetically appealing, and you may tailor the environment and content to your organization’s or the customer’s demands and branding without having any coding skills.
The flexibility to divide onboarding projects over several branded portals for self-contained user groups, such as inside specific business units, allows larger businesses to personalize onboarding across distinct brands of internal business units.

#16. iSpring Learn

onboarding LMS

The full-featured Onboarding LMS iSpring Learn offers complex functionality and a wide range of choices to develop and deliver onboarding training programs while yet being simple to use for novices.
Onboarding programs may be hosted using the user-friendly learning management system iSpring Learn.
Since practically anybody in your firm can manage and administrate iSpring Learn, it will be simple to accomplish whether you have a specialized HR department in charge of onboarding or a cofounder putting something more informal together. Creators will also find it simple to upload new training content using a range of media, manage learning routes, and produce reports – all without needing vendor help or training – when it comes time to design your onboarding programs.

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