Mog Station: All About Official Management Site for FINAL FANTASY XIV

Mog Station is a Official Management Site for FINAL FANTASY XIV . Players of the online game Final Fantasy XIV may maintain their accounts and buy extra services through the Mog Station website. For players who wish to buy more goods and services and maintain their accounts current, it is a useful tool.

What is Mog Station?

The account management system for the video game Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is called Mog Station. Square Enix Co., Ltd. created the website with the gaming community in mind. It allows users to manage their subscriptions, payment plans, and optional item store purchases.

At Mog Station, players handle all significant account management issues. Your account, additional services, optional items, Square Enix account settings, payment methods, and support center are just a few of the helpful user features. You may conveniently handle the most crucial matters pertaining to your FF14 account in each of them. You may also locate assistance in the event of a specific issue or synchronize your active membership with your Steam account.

About Mog Station and Square Enix

Services accessible on the website of MogStation

  • Extra things
  • Customer Service
  • Present Cards

Advantages of Mog Station

  1. The MogStation is simple to operate and navigate.
  2. It provides an extensive range of services, such as buying more game time, unlocking the complete version of the game, registering different kinds of codes, buying more goods and services, controlling your service account, and setting up one-time passwords for extra protection.
  3. The services are reasonably priced.
  4. The customer service is attentive and helpful.

Drawbacks of Mog Station

  1. Occasionally, the Mog Station may be sluggish.
  2. Some capabilities, such as the ability to move characters across servers, are not yet accessible.

Play online game Final Fantasy XIV

Players of the online game Final Fantasy XIV may maintain their accounts and buy extra services through the Mog Station website. You may reach it by clicking this link:

The services provided by the Mog Station are numerous and include:

  1. Acquiring more gameplay time
  2. Getting the game’s complete version upgraded
  3. Registering different kinds of codes
  4. Investing in extraneous goods and services, including fantasies and character name changes
  5. Handling your account with services
  6. One-time passwords are enabled for increased security.

You must register for a Square Enix account and connect it to your Final Fantasy XIV account in order to access the Mog Station. After that, you may log in to the Mog Station and use any service that is offered.

The steps to input a Mog Station code are as follows:

  1. Use the Square Enix account that you use to play Final Fantasy XIV to log into the Mog Station.
  2. Choose “Enter Item Code” under “Registration Codes.”
  3. Click “Register” after entering the code in the designated field.
  4. After the coupon is redeemed, your account will be updated with the matching product or service.
  5. For assistance with redeeming a coupon, please get in touch with Square Enix customer service.

The monthly fees for FFXIV are used to pay for the game’s ongoing development and support, as well as server maintenance. Updates for the game are released on a regular basis with new events, fixes, and expansions. Due to the high resource requirements, a membership charge is required.

About Mog Station and Square Enix

For players to maintain their video games, Square Enix now offers two separate websites. They all support different environments that need to be logged into. For the benefit of the gaming community, the Square Enix account management portal was developed for Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV, among other Square Enix titles. Additionally, you may use the Crysta virtual money from Final Fantasy to make online purchases there. Debit and credit cards may be used to acquire FF14 currency, which can be used to pay for a variety of in-game goods, services, and subscriptions.

Mog Station is an official website designed specifically to handle any game-related issues for Final Fantasy XIV players. With the expanding community of enthusiasts for this game, it’s a really practical option. Additionally, all services, such as an optional item shop and payment processing, may be centralized on a website.

Services accessible on the website of Mog Station

Your Record

In Final Fantasy 14, players may handle all important account-related tasks in this section. These consist of facts on the Recruit a Friend Campaign, character information, and active subscriptions.

Extra offerings

This area is in charge of giving you the most recent gameplay details and enhancing the diversity of your Final Fantasy XIV experience. Numerous new options are available, such as Character Renaming Service, The Ceremony of Eternal Bonding, Veteran Rewards for players with a specific amount of active membership days, and Retainer Service for employing helpful NPCs.

Extra things

It’s the Final Fantasy XIV Store, where you may purchase different in-game items with real money. The majority of the items in this store, which include item categories including glamours, costumes, emotes, and dyes, have no gameplay impact. Additionally, housing segments, minions, and cosmetic items are available. Additionally, there are regular deals where you may get great things at a discounted cost.

Square Enix Account Configuration

In FFXIV Mog Station, players can select the proper option to join the two accounts because Square Enix Account Settings are two separate sites.

Methods of payment

To modify the payment methods linked to a particular account, pick this option. There are direct directions to register or update the payment method, which you may select for your online purchase, among the major buttons.

Customer Service

It is a huge assistance to both novice and expert players who are having trouble navigating Mog Station or the game itself to discover the necessary options and possible solutions. The website is divided into sections based on themes, such as Frequently Asked Questions, Latest News, and Common Issues. Additionally, you may speak with customer care right there if necessary.

Square Enix and Steam accounts

Players had the option of playing on Square Enix’s platform or Steam up until recently. However, the Japanese business announced the unification of accounts on both systems in 2022, a first for the company’s history. The desire to stop fraud in Final Fantasy XIV games and gather greater support for players’ safety gave rise to the decision. Go to Mog Station and locate the relevant verification in the Service Account Status area to confirm that the game licenses on both linked accounts are compatible. By looking under Licenses and Product Key Activations in the Store & Purchase History tab on Steam, you may verify it there as well.

Coupon codes

You may quickly receive or give priceless presents to friends and other players from the FFXIV Mog Station. Get something they’ll adore right away from the optional item store if you want to give someone the ideal surprise for their Final Fantasy XIV gaming experience. Perhaps you obtained the gift code on your own. Go into Mog Station and choose Service Account to redeem it.

Locate the area dedicated to registration codes and click the Enter Item Code button. To add a new item to your playable character and enhance your gameplay, enter the code you got and follow the on-screen instructions. But keep in mind that presents cannot be used by those with free trial accounts. This option is only available to owners of Final Fantasy XIV licenses.

How to Cancel FFXIV Subscription mogstation?

To cancel your membership, please adhere to the instructions below.

Step No: 1. Enter the Square Enix account that you used to play Final Fantasy XIV to log into the Mog Station ( You will be prompted to pick a service account if you have more than one service account. To cancel the subscription on the service account you want to use, please carefully scroll through the tabs and choose it, then click “Use This Service Account.”

Step No: 2. Click the “Service Account Status” option located on the screen’s left-side menu.

Step No: 3. choose “Cancel Subscription.”
* You will only see the “Cancel Subscription” option if you currently have an active recurring subscription.

Step No: 4. To finish the cancellation process, adhere to the directions displayed on the screen.

Please be aware that you can continue to play for the balance of the account. You will still be able to play for the whole thirty days if, for example, you cancel right away after paying for a 30-day membership. Please make sure to cancel your subscription before the recurring billing period since the SQUARE ENIX Support Center is unable to issue refunds for subscriptions. Prior to membership charges, alerts will be sent by the system to the registered email address.

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