12 Best Gmail App For Mac In 2023

gmail app for mac

Gmail app for Mac is widely available. So, determining which is the greatest fit for your professional needs might be difficult. Not to worry! We’ve done the hard work for you. This post will go through the finest Gmail app for Mac users.

  • What the applications do
  • How can they help you
  • Cost and pricing strategy

You must identify what you want to achieve in terms of benefits and productivity increases, then assess if you’ve discovered a match based on the app’s specifications.

Features to Search for in a Gmail App For Mac

It’s incredible that there’s an app for almost every need nowadays. But just because something “does” a given function doesn’t make it good. What you deem “good” may depend on your email use.

What to look for in a Gmail app for Mac to see whether it’s right for you:

  • Is it a cross-platform app? Does the software function on both your Mac and your mobile device? You want a consistent experience across devices. As a result, check to see if your email client has a desktop and mobile version.
  • Does it aid your organization or add to it? Instead of adding to the clutter, the tool you use should help you tidy up your email. Look for programs with simple organizational options that can assist you in cleaning up your email.
  • Is it simple to learn and apply? Look, the Gmail app is simple enough to use by itself. You don’t want to complicate your life if you’re planning to use alternative or extra Gmail apps.
  • Does it encourage time savings where it matters? For example, not everyone aspires to have an empty inbox. But if that’s your goal, the software you use should help you get there by providing tools that make checking and organizing your emails more time-efficient.
  • What is the cost of this app, and is it worthwhile? Given the hefty membership cost, it may not be worth it if you are not a big email user. On the other hand, this method may be preferable if you like to keep your inbox organized or use email frequently for business. It could be worth the small investment. Make sure to take advantage of the yearly cost reduction that some of these applications provide instead of the monthly fee.

#1. Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird

  • The cost is nothing.

When you think of Mozilla, you generally think of Firefox, but the company also has other programmes, most notably Mozilla Thunderbird for email. Many people rushed to Thunderbird for one simple reason: it’s free. But how does it compare to other popular Gmail app for mac?

To begin with, Mozilla Thunderbird is older than many other email programmes, and the design reflects this. It’s not as sleek as other programs and can sometimes seem clunky, but that doesn’t mean it’s not useful.

It still has some useful functions, such as categorizing and organizing emails. It also contains calendar and chat services and excellent email security, so there are some significant advantages here.

However, Thunderbird lacks a mobile app, so while this works fine on your laptop, you don’t have an optimised mobile solution.

#2. Spark

Spark mail

  • Price: Free Plan, Premium Plan ($6.39), or Enterprise Plan (customized)

Wouldn’t it be great if your email client could organise your emails for you? And do you want to rank them based on your interests and previous activity? If it sounds too good to be true, you’ve probably never heard of Spark.

Spark uses artificial intelligence to determine whether an incoming email is personal, professional, or promotional, and then organises it accordingly.

Spark’s AI is so good that it received Apple’s Editor’s Choice Award a few years ago. Its intelligent email sorting, along with a clean and modern interface, make this an enjoyable email programme to use.

Users also appreciate the clever “one-click reply” option. When you receive a new email, this automates quick responses that you can click and send. You may also schedule emails to be sent later. This is useful if you don’t need to send an email right away but don’t want to forget about it.

#3. Go For Gmail

Go For Gmail

  • The cost is nothing.

Go for Gmail is fairly similar to the Gmail inbox we’re all familiar with, except its external software that can be launched from your Mac’s menu bar. This software may also be seen on your Mac in two modes: desktop and mobile. The desktop mode is the default and displays the full-screen app with your inbox.

You’ll see a shortened version of your inbox in mobile mode, which you may leave open on your screen while you use other apps. This is advantageous since you will always be able to monitor your inbox without continually browsing a webpage with Gmail open.

Go for Gmail is a straightforward program with few bells and whistles that will give you a more granular view of your mailbox on your desktop. The software is presently accessible for free, but only on desktops.

#4. Canary Mail

Canary Mail

  • Price: $20

Canary Mail is a fantastic choice if privacy and security are your primary considerations when selecting an email client. Canary Mail, a relative newcomer to the market, is noted for its end-to-end encryption on every email you send, giving you peace of mind that your data is secure.

Canary offers a wonderful design as well as various tools such as smart tagging, natural language search, a bulk inbox cleaner, and more, in addition to its excellent security measures.
If you want to utilise a sophisticated Gmail app for Mac, this is a wonderful alternative. The app is also available in the Apple App Store, so you can use it on the go.

Having said that, the pricing may appear a little high. After the free trial, the mobile and desktop apps cost $20 each, but many customers swear by Canary, so the price may be worth it.

#5. Unibox


  • Price: $15.99

Unibox offers its consumers a whole new way to see their mailboxes. Unibox organises your emails based on contacts rather than individual emails, dates, or even subject lines.
It may take some getting used to, but many people actually find it more straightforward to operate.

The simple design is similar to other messaging or texting applications in that all correspondence is organised by contact, so you can get a decent overview of your inbox just by looking at it. In one simplified window, you may resume an email discussion, preview attachments, and examine all past conversations with a contact.

This avoids the need to rummage through your email looking for earlier correspondence. Unibox requires a paid membership beyond the free trial period.

#6. Mailtab for Gmail


  • $9.99 per month

Mailtab for Gmail is yet another desktop programme that allows you to sort and see your email without opening your web browser. This programme, like Go for Gmail, is based on Gmail’s basic inbox, so there’s almost no learning curve to using it.

Mailtab is present when you need it and easily accessible from your menu bar, yet it disappears when you want to focus on other programs. It allows you to rapidly check, create, and respond to emails without having to open Gmail in a browser.

Some users have stated that adding attachments through the app is not feasible and that you must pay to access this function if you want to avoid advertisements within the app. Nonetheless, this is a simple and uncomplicated Gmail app for Mac.

#7. Boxy suite for Gmail

Boxy suite for Gmail

  • Price: $29 per year

Boxy Suite for Gmail was created with Mac users in mind, so if you’re searching for an email client for your Mac, this is the programme for you. Furthermore, as the name implies, the app functions as a full suite for all of your Google apps. Boxy for Calendar, Boxy for Contacts, and more handy utilities may be found here. This is ideal if you want a single app that contains all of your most critical Google apps.

The Boxy Dashboard, which provides an overview of the state of all your apps on one screen, is one of the most useful features.

Using fewer tabs and displaying all of your apps on one page helps you stay productive and organized. So, if you’re searching for an email application to help you stay organised, Boxy Suite is a terrific option. Boxy Suite is a premium service, but you may test it out for free before committing.

#8. Kiwi For Gmail 

Kiwi For Gmail 

Price: free for the lite version, $29.99 for the full version, and customised for the professional version.

Kiwi for Gmail does an excellent job of bringing together all of your most-used Google applications in one location, making it easy to check your email, calendar, Google Docs, and Drive at a glance.

There’s a navigation bar where you can start various Google apps, which will open in a new window. The usability is excellent since it interfaces nicely with your other Mac programmes, allowing you to effortlessly attach a file to an email from the Finder or integrate with other apps like Boomerang to plan emails in advance.

It’s crucial to note that not all of these versions are available on the free version, so you’ll most likely need to pay for a premium plan to use all of the features.

#9. Wavebox for Mac

Wavebox for Mac

  • Wavebox Basic is free, and Wavebox Pro starts at $8.32 per month on an annual basis.

When you enter your email address into Wavebox, it will instantly import all of your previously stored settings. If you already have folders, labels, or shortcuts, they will also appear in the Wavebox desktop app.

Wavebox’s various integrations are where it really shines. in addition to integrating all of Google’s applications. Other productivity apps, such as Slack, Trello, and even your Outlook accounts, may be added.

You can even open a website from within the programme, which is useful if someone sends you a link. It appears in the same window as before. If you use a lot of communication applications, this is ideal. Even tools like Google Docs operate nicely with Wavebox as an all-in-one work suite.

#10. Mailplane Gmail app for Mac

Mailplane Gmail app for Mac

  • Price: $29.95; family: $39.95.

This software is a fully working Gmail companion that provides even more functionality than the internet inbox itself. The programme itself appears exactly like your Gmail inbox, so you won’t have to learn a new system.

Because Mailplane is a desktop application, you do not need to open your web browser to use Gmail. One of the best features is the ability to link several emails, so you don’t have to log in and out of separate Gmail accounts to check your inbox.

You’ll also get an email notifier, which will display popups in the corner of your screen when you receive a new email, as well as an editor, which will enable you to add comments and shapes to attached photographs.

If that isn’t enough, Mailplane integrates with a variety of additional programmes, including Grammarly, Boomerang, and Simplify Gmail.

#11. Mimestream


  • Price: free during beta testing

Mimestream is the greatest Gmail client for Mac because it combines everything you love about this service provider with the strength and convenience of a native Mac application.

Mimestream, unlike other email applications, only supports one email service: Gmail. Because it doesn’t try to be a jack of all trades, this Gmail app for Mac uses the full power of both Gmail and macOS to give an instantly familiar experience and a slew of added capabilities.

Mimestream, for example, allows you to manage numerous Gmail inboxes, establish email signatures, deal with aliases, use keyboard shortcuts, construct server-side filters, rapidly unsubscribe from undesired subscriptions, and more.

Considering how simple it is to use, it’s easy to understand why it’s the ideal method to use Gmail on Mac PCs.


  • Very intuitive
  • Optimized for the most recent macOS versions
  • Apple has silicon ready.
  • Keyboard shortcuts you’re already familiar with
  • Common tracking is prevented.


  • will not be free indefinitely.

#12. MailMate


  • Price: $49.99

When advanced Mac users are asked how to get a Gmail app for Mac, they frequently recommend MailMate, a sophisticated email client for macOS with features ranging from cryptographic encryption and signing (OpenPGP and S/MIME) to automatic signature handling and flexible integration with third-party applications.

MailMate is compatible with all IMAP-based email providers, including Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, Yandex, and others. Remember that understanding its intricacies takes time, so don’t be put off by the high learning curve.


  • Advanced functions
  • a single payment


  • The learning curve is steep.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Gmail App for Mac

Is there a Gmail app for Mac that I can download?

No, Google has not created an official desktop Gmail program for Mac, nor has the company stated a desire to do so. Fortunately, a plethora of third-party Gmail programs for Mac desktops are available, such as those discussed in this article.

Which Gmail app for Mac is the best?

The top Gmail applications for Mac, according to our testing and the experiences of genuine users, are Mimestream, Boxy Suite, Kiwi for Gmail, Mail for Gmail, and MailMate.

Which is preferable, Apple Mail or Gmail?

Your requirements and preferences determine that. Gmail offers more free email storage space than Apple Mail (15 GB vs. 5 GB) but lacks a dedicated desktop interface for macOS.

Why can’t I access my Gmail account on my Mac?

Google has yet to create an official desktop programme for Mac, but there are various third-party clients available to obtain this mail service on your Mac. You may also use the official web client, which gives the full email experience.

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