Top 20 Management Software for Field Service Technician in 2024

Top 20 Management Software for Field Service Technician in 2024

Do you want to spend your money on the top field service management applications? We can meet all of your demands! It should come as no surprise that managing a Field Service Technician company is a lot like riding a roller coaster. There appears to be so little time to take care of things, yet there are so many things to manage. Even for the most seasoned business owners, manually handling several tasks at once may be quite difficult.

Providing high-quality services is essential for every field service provider. This is the only and best approach to guaranteeing customer retention, which is to make sure that your clients stay with you for more services rather than moving on to other providers.

Field Service Management Software: What Is It?

Employers may better manage their field-based workforce by making the most use of their talents, availability, and placement thanks to field service management (FSM) software. The primary customers of these solutions are businesses that provide technical know-how and on-site services for things like moving, delivery, cleaning, and/or equipment maintenance. The extent of technical skill used can range from maintaining a city’s electrical system to using their understanding of cleaning techniques and computer hardware support.

Organizing scheduling, assignment, route planning, resource allocation, and job instruction to on-site field personnel is done by managers and supervisors using FSM software. To offer updates on productivity, task completion, arrival and departure times, and technical help for any unusual issues encountered on the job, employees carry FSM software with them.

Field Service Technician management software typically interfaces with other software programs, such as geographic information system (GIS) software for tracking locations; customer relationship management (CRM) software for customer data; and product lifecycle management (PLM) software or design software for technical specs and repair instructions.

A Field Service Management (FSM) product must:

  • Give employees capabilities that allow them to be sent according to the kind of work, their availability, and the locations of clients.
  • Incorporate tools to assist managers in setting priorities for field work and maximizing the resources allotted to each task.
  • Inform Field Service Technician on their responsibilities and how to fulfill them.
  • Provide managers with dashboards and analytics so they can monitor field operations and field workers’ performance.
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Software for Field Service Management Comparison

Satisfaction of Field Service Management Users, The top four criteria that have a favorable influence on user satisfaction for Field Service Technician Management solutions are “Has the product been a good partner in doing business?”, “Roles”, “Analytics”, and “Location”. An algorithm that chooses the characteristics most likely to predict customer happiness in this category determines these criteria.

How to Select Your Company’s Best Field Service Technician Software

Selecting the best field service software for your company can be challenging. We refer to it as problematic because different business owners may require different levels of this software, and its features may change depending on how big or small their enterprises are.

Before you choose the right kind of field service software for your company, consider these five points.

  • Evaluate your needs: As we’ve already demonstrated, Field Service Technician software encompasses a larger subset of the program. The costs of the purchases and subscriptions will be high. Therefore, determining your needs is a crucial first step.
  • Examine the features and compatibility with existing systems: Although your present system may be well suited to the software you buy, it might not be compatible with the systems you intend to construct in the future. Thus, exercising caution is advised.
  • Think over the options for scalability and customization. These are the two most important aspects of any program, so if you aren’t sure how to reduce costs and make the system work for you at its core, don’t even consider the choice.
  • Evaluate suppliers from top to bottom: Successful, customer-focused businesses build their reputations, win over customers, and seize market share over years of operation, adaptation, and hard work. Thus, it’s important to monitor the vendor’s reputation.
  • Usability: The software you choose to buy should be easy to understand, manage, and apply. Don’t assume that complexity equals high quality.

Top 20 Field Service Management Software

The top Field Service Technician Management Software are the following:


An outstanding cloud-based omnichannel support desk solution is Freshdesk Field Service. It offers superior management and field support capabilities. With Freshdesk, your staff can communicate with each other from one central spot across all support channels. With the platform, field personnel and help desk employees will have more advanced capabilities to increase service efficiency. This may be automated using the Field Service Technician Management module of Freshdesk.

You may even gamify your field staff’s engagement while streamlining your operations. When used properly, this may foster friendly competition, which in turn can foster cooperation and employee engagement. Additionally, a self-service platform is available to enhance and expand customer assistance. You can get them on both iOS and Android.

Principal attributes consist of:

  • Planning and distributing
  • Management of work orders
  • Client list
  • Notifications and elevations
  • Invoicing and billing
  • Real-time conversation platform
  • Portal for self-service
  • Routes automatically
  • Ticket administration

Workiz is a mobile Field Service Technician app made to assist you in better managing your service company. It provides a useful suite of tools for managing work, techs, appointments, billing, payments, and customers. Workiz is incredibly simple to use and requires no installation or downloads. Simply register and begin assigning tasks to your professionals. Your technicians may connect to the office using this software solution without utilizing any technological features. They may easily communicate, log in, and get task orders over email or SMS.

Principal attributes consist of:

  • Customer Service
  • Inventory Control
  • Workplace Administration
  • Group Supervision
  • Real-Time Dashboard
  • Monitoring Leads
Quickbase Field Service

A cloud-based platform called QuickBase Field Service Technician gives your teams the tools they need to effectively plan and manage their schedules. Field teams can handle projects, vendors, financials, work orders, bids, and more using Quickbase. This user-friendly software solution streamlines procedures reduces expenses, and aids in intelligent decision-making by combining precise data and creating workflows that work for you. With QuickBase, you can finish more projects on schedule and within budget while fostering enduring client connections that increase sales.

Principal attributes consist of:

  • Instantaneous, Practical Knowledge
  • Workflow orchestration and integration
  • Ongoing Implementation
  • Field Assistance
  • Project Organizing
  • Management of Training

4. Salesforce Field Service Lightning

Salesforce Field Service Lightning

Another cloud-based service management tool that is very well-liked by owners of service businesses is Salesforce Field Service Lightning. Giving field service employees and contractors access to a wide range of tools and capabilities, it assists companies in making the most out of their field service operations. These technologies give businesses real-time access to vital operational metrics, allowing them to allocate their mobile workforce more efficiently and provide customers with continuous updates during the whole service experience. Businesses may create work orders using Salesforce Field Service Technician services, which also let field workers access customer databases, knowledge articles, and SLA compliance monitoring while they’re on the job. The platform’s smart schedule optimization algorithms automatically match jobs to the right resource based on time, location, skill set, and other unique variables. Field personnel and equipment are also tracked by the program.

Principal attributes consist of:

  • Making Plans
  • Orders of work
  • Permissions and access control
  • notifications and alerts
  • Dashboard and monitoring of activities
  • Integrations
  • Online consent
  • Lifecycle management of assets
  • GPS
  • Schedule
ServiceMax Asset 360

When it comes to process automation in field service businesses, ServiceMax is among the most widely used Field Service Technician management software systems. Owners of field service businesses may take charge of their operations both inside and outside the office thanks to the wide variety of features and capabilities it offers. To improve equipment uptime, ServiceMax provides total insight into installation, maintenance jobs, service contracts, and asset performance through its specialized service management platform, Asset 360. It is also a great tool for encouraging outcome-based service models and lowering maintenance costs. Organizations may decrease warranty and contract leakage at scale, boost contract attachment rates and renewals, and shorten time to value with the support of ServiceMax Asset 360’s tailored design.

Principal attributes consist of:

  • Management of work orders
  • Schedules that are automated
  • Calendar Administration
  • notifications and alerts
  • dashboard
  • Contact list
  • Setting a budget
6. Field PromaxField enterprises may now have more control over personnel and the tasks they are allocated thanks to Field Promax, an intuitive, feature-rich, and reasonably priced Field Service Technician management software. It includes a powerful work order management suite, a productive scheduling and dispatching system, and a mobile app for your personnel that is GPS-enabled. Your technicians’ whereabouts may be monitored while they’re on the way, and you can ask them to provide you with regular updates on the status of the job from the field. With Field Promax, you may use a single cloud-based platform to manage and arrange all of your work. Together with becoming paperless with a digital work order processing system, this software also enables you to communicate with your clients and team members in real-time.

Principal attributes consist of:

  • Integration of QuickBooks
  • Planning and Allocation
  • Estimates and Invoicing
  • Time Monitoring
  • Calendar View
  • GPS Monitoring
  • Dashboards and Reports
  • Equipment Monitoring
7. Jobber

Jobber is renowned for its effectiveness and wide range of features, making it one of the most well-liked and useful field service management systems on the market today. In essence, it is cloud-based field service management (FSM) software that helps service providers handle work orders, field personnel, and everyday operations as a whole. To handle a variety of tasks in the field service operation, it is equipped with a plethora of features, such as work orders, estimates, calendars, dashboards, real-time scheduling and dispatching, expense tracking, inventory management, reports and analysis, online booking, digital payment, billing, and invoicing. In addition, it has client reminders, time monitoring, GPS tracking, automated alerts and notifications for technicians, and recurring order management. One of the most effective and user-friendly smartphone apps for field technicians is Jobber’s. It offers a comprehensive automation solution for Field Service Technician management and is perfect for both PCs and smartphones.


Your staff may utilize their cellphones to clock in and out with ezClocker, a well-liked Field Service Technician management time tracking and scheduling program. For small service-based teams searching for an inexpensive, straightforward solution that even a non-techie can use, this highly regarded software is perfect. Employees may clock in or out using the ezClocker iOS or Android applications for time monitoring. Additionally, the app supports GPS location, allowing you to confirm that staff members logged in at the proper place. If the business prefers that workers use their gadgets, ezClocker provides an app for kiosks where each worker may log in with a PIN. Perfect if you have a team of workers at one place of business, such as an office or construction site.

Principal attributes consist of:

  • monitoring of time
  • Making Plans
  • Mobile availability
  • Punch card online
  • Timesheet administration

For field service technician, Housecall Pro is an app for cloud-based field service management. Users may expedite technician dispatch and automate workflow with the aid of Housecall Pro. The software solution supports a variety of sectors, including window cleaning, carpet cleaning, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and more, and can be accessed from both desktop computers and mobile devices.

One of the best solutions for service-oriented companies looking to replace paper records with digital automation is Housecall Pro. To keep clients and companies informed about work orders, it provides helpful tools like QuickBooks Desktop & Online connection, job scheduling with GPS tracking, dispatching, task management, and more.

Principal attributes consist of:

  • Builder of Websites
  • Online Reservation
  • Subsequent Promotion
  • Workplace Administration
  • Proficient Reporting
  • Manager of Strategic Accounts

Service contractors may manage their companies using FieldPulse, an all-in-one FSM software solution that is renowned for its user-friendliness, scalability, and top-notch customer support. For small businesses, handling end-to-end operations is the perfect option. Fieldpulse offers a wide range of solutions to Field Service Technician companies so they may increase customer satisfaction, employee productivity, and profitability.

Principal attributes consist of:

  • Dashboard of activities
  • Management of work orders
  • Planning and distributing
  • Management of bids
  • Reminders that are automated
  • CRM
  • Inventory control

11. FieldCamp


In the field of field service management software, FieldCamp is a relatively recent participant. It is made to help small and medium-sized enterprises manage their day-to-day operations; among its many features are a full mobile app, integrated invoicing, dispatching, precise task scheduling, and payment systems. Although the platform is known for its usefulness, several users have pointed out that it might be better in terms of the UI and the limited customization choices. Its restricted third-party integrations may also make it unsuitable for companies that depend significantly on other software solutions.

Although FieldCamp’s pricing structure is tiered to accommodate different business sizes, some small firms may find it to be a bit expensive. But generally speaking, the breadth of its features and capabilities offers fair value for the money.

12. ServiceTitan

ServiceTitanTop provider of Field Service Technician management software The founders of the firm started it because they wanted to provide their tradesmen immigrant families with better technological tools to run their companies. The platform from ServiceTitan provides a wide range of services, such as scheduling, invoicing, sales, dispatching, and reporting. It is renowned for having strong connections with well-known software programs, which increases its usefulness as a focal point for corporate activities.

Nevertheless, ServiceTitan has expensive prices and a feature-rich UI that might be challenging to use at first. Customers have expressed dissatisfaction with customer service, restricted offline capabilities, and sporadic software slowdowns. Notwithstanding these difficulties, ServiceTitan is a well-liked option due to its extensive feature set and integrations, particularly for companies searching for an all-in-one solution.

13. Connecteam


Established in 2016, Connecteam is a Tel Aviv-based enterprise offering a comprehensive employee management application, tailored to assist companies in overseeing their mobile and remote staff. The program is a complete field service management solution since it has strong capabilities for personnel training, task scheduling, time tracking, and real-time communication.

Connecteam has gained a reputation among small and medium enterprises across a range of sectors because of its user-friendly interface, mobile-first strategy, and cost-effective pricing structure. However, a few customers have complained about sporadic performance problems and restrictions on customizing possibilities. Despite these obstacles, Connecteam is working to develop and enhance its platform to offer a flexible and easily used way to manage teams that are located remotely or in the field.

14. mHelpDesk


Since its founding in 2011, mHelpDesk has grown to become a reputable supplier in the sector. mHelpDesk is a user-friendly platform that helps organizations streamline operations, increase productivity, and fortify client connections. It focuses on workflow automation, task administration, invoicing, and customer relationship management. The firm has established a solid reputation as a dependable option for small businesses in need of Field Service Technician management tools because to its history and dedication to providing effective and user-friendly software solutions.

15. Vonigo


Vonigo is an online booking and company management platform situated in Vancouver. It was created with a focus on certain field service management functionalities. It provides a collection of modules that address different facets of service management. Work order management, client-faced scheduling, and customer relationship management are some of these components. Estimating, dispatching, routing, GPS tracking, invoicing, payments, reporting, and other topics are also covered.

Vonigo characteristics

  • Business Management: To handle your whole company, Vonigo offers a safe cloud-based platform. Vonigo centralizes all of your operations, from dispatching and scheduling to billing and reporting. It also facilitates the simplification of daily chores.
  • Online Booking: You may offer your customers the ease of using your website to make work reservations. Customers can also use mobile devices to browse the website.
  • Constructed for expansion: Vonigo is made to facilitate the expansion of your company. Vonigo offers the resources you require, regardless of how many offices you have. It facilitates reaching a wider audience and managing your business.
  • Anywhere Access: You can run your business from anywhere using Vonigo’s mobile-friendly platform.
  • Unmatched Support: Vonigo’s amiable specialists are here to help with any inquiries you may have. They see to it that you enjoy using the platform.

16. FieldServicely


With the aid of FieldServicely, an excellent field service management software, you can efficiently manage field operations. It makes a variety of processes simpler, including work order administration, GPS tracking, project scheduling, and technician and contractor management. Its cutting-edge timesheet tools, geofenced attendance, and real-time reminders can help you enhance productivity.

The program also offers a performance dashboard and facilitates payroll computations for customer invoices. FieldServicely is a great choice if you’re having trouble overseeing field staff. It improves communication between the company and its personnel as well as operational efficiency. This software ensures seamless operations in a variety of sectors by streamlining work management scheduling and providing real-time information. It is accessible on iOS and Android and appropriate for a variety of businesses, giving it a flexible option for enhancing Field Service Technician management.

Important Elements

  • Workplace Administration
  • GPS tracking of employees
  • Work Order Administration
  • Instantaneous Alerts
  • Making Plans
  • Geofenced Attendance
  • Astute Timesheet Processing
  • Approval of Timesheets

17. UpKeep


The practice of managing and keeping track of a work order’s or service request’s lifetime in field service is called work order management. Coordinating various activities, resources, and communication is necessary to guarantee that work orders are completed efficiently and promptly. When it comes to sustaining a high level of coordination performance while your employees cooperate and work mobile on the job sites, UpKeep is the best option available. It is a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) application designed to help businesses streamline and automate maintenance processes.

Work orders may be digitally created, assigned, and tracked with UpKeep. Businesses may plan and automate routine maintenance operations with the program. This prolongs the lifespan of assets, lowers downtime, and prevents equipment malfunctions. Additionally, and this is very important, it offers analytics and reporting tools to learn more about asset performance, costs, and maintenance tasks.

Important Elements

  • Work Order Administration
  • Monitoring of Activities
  • Portable Access
  • Quotations/Estimations
  • History of Services
  • Management of Dispatch
  • Scheduling Maintenance

18. inFlow


The practice of efficiently maintaining and controlling the stock of goods, components, and supplies required to support field service operations is known as inventory management in the Field Service Technician industry. It entails eliminating extraneous or outdated inventory, guaranteeing the availability of critical commodities, and maintaining ideal inventory levels. As its name implies, inFlow keeps an accurate, efficient, and well-calculated inventory flow. Well-liked inventory management software that supports small and medium-sized enterprises in effectively tracking and controlling their purchasing, sales, and inventory operations.

The management of purchase orders, sales orders, and client estimates is made easier by the program. It also enables barcode scanning, which makes inventory tracking and administration easier. Barcodes can be scanned to do inventory counts, change amounts, and add or remove products from stock. It may also be integrated with other services and apps to speed up corporate processes.

Important Elements

  • Contact List
  • Buying and Acquiring
  • Barcoding
  • Reporting
  • B2B Online
  • Transactions and Billing
  • APIs and Integrations

19. Microsoft 365 Field Service

Microsoft 365 Field Service

One powerful field service management tool that can help you increase the effectiveness of your client onsite service is Microsoft 365 Field Service. It offers mobile solutions for field technicians, automates operations, and makes use of intelligent scheduling algorithms to greatly increase the productivity of mobile personnel. The outstanding asset management features of Microsoft 365 Field Service are among its most noteworthy features. by giving Field Service Technician access to precise histories of accounts and equipment.

During service visits, it will assist you in resolving problems more skillfully and maybe spot upselling or cross-selling chances. This field service program will also make sure that personnel with the necessary abilities are allocated to the relevant service calls and provide you with scheduling and dispatch options.

Important Elements

  • Asset Arrangement
  • Technician Timetable
  • Tools for Collaborative Communication
  • Directions for Mobile Technicians
  • Maintenance in Advance
  • Inventory Control
  • Invoicing and Billing

20. Apploye


Many field service organizations neglect their internal desk-based staff when overseeing field workers. By providing strong tools for managing and keeping an eye on both in-house and remote desk workers, Apploye fills this gap.

Apploye is a time-tracking program that offers several advantages that might have an immediate effect on your employees’ performance. From calculating billable and non-billable hours to automating and manually monitoring time, Apploye delivers tools that are so essential to business owners that they stand apart. Above all, it provides extensive surveillance of apps and URLs in addition to thorough screenshot monitoring to guarantee thorough management of staff activity. Consequently, Field Service Technician organizations may find Apploye to be a very useful tool for managing their non-field staff.

Important Elements

  • Time Monitoring
  • sporadic screen grabs
  • Usage monitoring for apps and URLs
  • accumulating idle time
  • Monitoring of productivity
  • When to clock in and out
  • Hours that can and cannot be paid for

In summary:

It is more important than ever to have effective management solutions in the constantly changing field service industry. Software for field service management (FSM) becomes a crucial tool that helps service-oriented businesses succeed by improving customer happiness, optimizing operations, and simplifying business processes. As previously said, labor management, scheduling, route planning, and resource allocation are all greatly enhanced by the use of FSM software, which enables companies to provide excellent customer service and retain a loyal clientele.

The flexibility and adaptability of FSM software to the many demands of field service providers are demonstrated by its integration with GIS, CRM, and PLM software. Information sharing between managers, field personnel, and clients facilitates a transparent and well-coordinated workflow that increases productivity throughout the service delivery process. Investing in top-notch Field Service Technician Management software is a wise move if you want to stay competitive in your business. The benefits extend beyond operational enhancements and have an impact on customer happiness and retention, two factors crucial to business success.

Frequently Asked Questions, or FAQs:

Q1: what is field service management software, and why is it important for companies that provide field services?

A1: Field Service Management (FSM) software is a complete solution made to assist businesses in effectively managing their field-based employees. Streamlining scheduling, assignment, route planning, and resource allocation guarantees that field personnel are set up and prepared to provide high-quality services. For field service companies to maximize output, optimize processes, and sustain a high degree of client satisfaction, FSM software is a must.

Q2: What are the advantages of FSM software for field service companies?

A2: By automating and streamlining many areas of their business, field service providers gain from FSM software. It makes effective scheduling, job assignment, resource allocation, and real-time field worker tracking possible. This results in higher operational efficiency, better customer service, and better staff management.

Q3: What characteristics of Field Service Technician management software should I search for?

A3: Task information for field workers, analytics for performance tracking, prioritizing of fieldwork, dispatching based on job type and worker availability are all aspects that a trustworthy Field Service Technician management software should have. Furthermore, the software’s ability to integrate with GIS, CRM, and PLM programs enhances its efficacy in fulfilling the various requirements of field service providers.

Q4: What role does FSM software play in keeping customers?

A4: FSM software guarantees prompt and effective service delivery, which helps to maintain customers. It makes it possible for companies to give clients accurate information, monitor service operations in real-time, and quickly resolve any problems. An enhanced client experience as a result raises the possibility of repeat business and increases customer loyalty.

Q5: Is FSM software appropriate for every kind of field service company?

A5: FSM software caters to a variety of field service firms, including those involved in equipment maintenance, cleaning, repairs, moving, delivery, and technical competence. Because of its characteristics that can be customized and adjusted, it may be used in a variety of sectors where on-site assistance is necessary.

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