16 Best Dynatrace Alternatives Application Monitor Solution 2023

Dynatrace alternatives

Are you seeking alternatives to Dynatrace to monitor your system’s applications? The program monitors application performance and availability and logs the results in the system. The Dynatrace utility is designed to monitor any applications assigned to it in the system and improve their availability and performance. It multitasks by controlling application performance, maintaining the artificial intelligence side of operations, and monitoring the system’s digital performance management. The user interface of the tool contains all of the application’s information. It contains several sophisticated features.

What is Dynatrace?

Dynatrace is an application monitoring solution that assists customers with accurate performance monitoring and system availability. The tool is quick and dependable, and it makes extensive use of digital apps to keep current with technology. The infrastructure is also monitored. If there are any performance concerns, the program examines the infrastructure for servers, databases, and codes to determine the root cause. Dynatrace is difficult to understand owing to its sophisticated nature and advanced technology. This is a pure application performance management tool.

This APM tool checks and monitors the performance of any apps that provide end-to-end transaction information. All of this information is saved on a server. As a result, anytime the application’s performance issues develop, it is a good idea to reread the logs and investigate the performance issues. a unit in the world of education, and the world as a whole, the world as a whole.

What services does Dynatrace provide?

Organizations may now monitor their digital ecosystems using Dynatrace. It offers:

  • Cloud Automation: With the AI engine Davis®, users may pinpoint the source of issues and enable speedy auto-remediation and intelligent cloud orchestration.
  • Application Security: Users may deploy apps quicker and more securely with automated application vulnerability management.
  • Infrastructure Monitoring: Simplified, automated infrastructure monitoring provides convenient, wide insight across your environments.
  • Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM): With a mix of Real User Monitoring (RUM), Session Replay, and synthetic monitoring throughout your environment, you can optimize your apps, give better support, and improve the user experience.
  • Apps and Microservices: Dynatrace can automatically provide visibility and root-cause solutions for complicated cloud settings. It can also keep track of microservices.
  • Obtain AI-powered, real-time responses to analytical business inquiries using KPIs and measurements that are currently flowing through apps with digital business analytics.

16 Best Dynatrace Alternatives Application Monitor Solution For 2023

Here are some of the best alternatives to dynatrace to monitor your system application.

#1. New Relic

New Relic

New Relic is a technology business that provides cloud-based monitoring software. Our technology assists website and app owners in tracking the performance of their services. In 2022, New Relic had 2200 workers and $785 million in sales.

New Relic is an application performance management (APM) tool that enables teams to monitor the performance of their applications. This APM visualizes all performance factors, enabling developers and site owners to execute suitable and timely remedial measures. IT departments may utilize New Relic One to track cloud services and enhance software processes.

Both products assist customers in reducing downtime, increasing productivity and uptime, and improving customer happiness. For application performance management, New Relic is the ideal alternatives to Dynatrace.

#2. Better Stack

Better Stack

Better Stack is an observability platform with two products: Logtail for log management and Better Uptime for monitoring and incident management.

Logtail is a log management tool that can collect logs in real-time from servers, databases, applications, and a variety of other sources. The gathered log data will display in the Live Tail automatically, which you can then filter and save as a custom view.

Logtail is also SQL-compatible, which means you can write custom SQL queries to generate bespoke reports. The reports may then be saved as a dashboard, providing you and your team with an overview of the complete stack.

Finally, Logtail lets you set alerts depending on the number of logs gathered in a certain view. You can specify who should be contacted if Logtail gets too many or too few log records.

Better Uptime is a monitoring solution that can track the status of your apps, services, and scheduled operations. When an event happens, it will alert you by email, SMS, phone call, Slack, or the mobile app.

You may also establish an on-call schedule for your team, allocating alerts to various team members at different times. This tool is also connected with Google Calendar, allowing you to plan on-call obligations directly from your chosen calendar software.

Improved uptime also includes the customized escalation policy option. This feature allows you to specify what happens if an event occurs but the current on-call person fails to recognize it.

#3. Sentry


Sentry is an open-source error tracking and application performance monitoring software. It is simpler to install and configure. It can also detect code-level defects in real time, allowing developers to repair them before the user notices them.

Sentry’s primary capabilities include performance monitoring, alerting, event tracing, dashboard customization, and others. Sentry provides a free plan with limited error and performance monitoring tools for developers. Sadly, the premium plans start at $26 per month.

#4. Zabbix


Zabbix is an open-source tool for monitoring IT infrastructure. It features an extremely scalable distributed host/agent architecture. The host can only be installed on UNIX-like operating systems, while the agent can gather data from Linux, macOS, and Windows.

Despite the fact that Zabbix is a free, open-source tool, it is not lacking in functionality. On the other hand, it has enterprise-ready features such as full-stack monitoring, data visualization (charts, graphs, maps, and so on), dashboard customization, alerts, and team management.

This product is completely free to install and use. But if you want technical support from the Zabbix team, you must purchase a package.

#5. Splunk


Splunk is a data management platform that can search, monitor, and analyze machine-generated data. You may then view the collected data by producing graphs, reports, maps, and dashboards.

Splunk is quite comparable in many respects. They provide services such as infrastructure monitoring, application performance monitoring, alerting, etc. They do, however, differ in extent. Splunk positions itself as a full SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) and ITOM (Information Technology Operations Management) solution (IT operations management).

#6. Cisco AppDynamics

Cisco AppDynamics

Cisco Inc. owns AppDynamics, a full-stack APM and IT operations analytics platform. The platform streamlines app administration, provides significant observability and allows users to monitor the operation of the complete IT stack. Cisco had 79,500 employees and $49.8 billion in sales in 2021.

Cisco AppDynamics is Gartner APM Magic Quadrant Leaders and provide powerful app performance monitoring solutions. The APM software from AppDynamics provides traceability and full-stack observability in a business context. It makes application administration easier.

IT organizations may use this solution to assess user experience, virtual machine performance, and the app and infrastructure environment.

AppDynamics is a worthy Dynatrace competitor in the APM space.

#7. SolarWinds


SolarWinds is a software firm that provides solutions for managing IT infrastructure, networks, and systems. The organization serves corporations, MSPs, DevOps, and IT professionals worldwide.

In 2021, SolarWinds had around 3,200 workers and revenue of $719 million. The business anticipates revenue of $730 million to $750 million in 2022. [7]

SolarWinds Server and Application Monitor enable customers to execute and validate hardware and software fixes in real-time. This product competes with Dynatrace in IT performance monitoring and works on SolarWinds’ Orion platform. Around 30,000 companies use Orion. In terms of observability services, SolarWinds is one of the greatest alternatives to Dynatrace.

#8. Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform that provides analytics and application insights. These technologies enable users to rapidly and simply gather and log operating data via a user-friendly site.

Microsoft had around 182,260 people and $168 billion in sales in 2021. The company incorporates Azure sales under its intelligent cloud business, which produced $60 billion in 2021.

The key competitive advantage for Azure Application Insights is its connection with Microsoft products and all operating systems, including Linux, Android, and iOS. Customers may link the platform with a variety of code-logging tools and deploy them on their servers to track UI use and user sessions.

The service automatically sends emails to users when there is an issue with apps running on Azure, allowing them to deploy de-escalation methods. Microsoft Azure is a powerful Alternatives to Dynatrace.

#9. ManageEngine


Zoho, an Indian technology firm, offers ManageEngine, a corporate IT management software. OpManager, a configurable network monitoring tool, is included with the platform. In 2021, Zoho had around 10,000 workers and revenue of $697 million. ManageEngine assists businesses in monitoring and managing hardware and software devices.

IT professionals use the ManageEngine package for application monitoring, troubleshooting, and service management and delivery. Its OpManager solution covers a variety of operating systems and hypervisor integrations necessary for IT infrastructure management. ManageEngine is a credible rival in network, service, and app monitoring.

#10. Broadcom


Broadcom is a technology firm that provides networking, storage, and cybersecurity software with an emphasis on automation, monitoring, and security. For application performance management, the Broadcom CA Suite offers DX APM.

In 2021, Broadcom had around 20,000 workers and revenue of $27.45 billion.

Broadcom’s DX APM solution enables businesses to monitor their applications and IT infrastructures. It is capable of detecting abnormalities in networks, mainframes, databases, operating systems, and middleware.

The DXI-level summary may then be used to focus on mission-critical data and enable infrastructure-level debugging. Broadcom’s DX APM is one of the top Dynatrace in-app performance management options.

#11. IBM Instana

IBM Instana

IBM has bought Instana, a software platform for observability and monitoring. It is a business-ready platform that is reasonably simple to set up. In most cases, you can have it up and running in less than 20 minutes.

Instana is also a full-stack monitoring platform. It takes data from numerous sources throughout the stack and analyzes it to provide you with an overview of your complete infrastructure. Instana also has automatic monitoring, which will find your apps and services without the need for human intervention.

Instana offers two different price options. The SaaS package costs $75 per host per month, whereas the self-host plan costs $93.80 per host per month.

#12. BMC Software

BMC Software

BMC Software is an IT services and consulting firm that provides DevOps, AIOps, and cybersecurity professionals with solutions. In the infrastructure monitoring market, its TrueSight Operations Management system competes with Dynatrace. BMC had 6,000 workers and revenue of roughly $2 billion in 2021.

TrueSight Operations Management from BMC is a complete infrastructure monitoring solution with an easy-to-use interface. It is extremely scalable and connects with several monitoring technologies to deliver comprehensive insights into IT infrastructures from a single console.

#13. Amazon CloudWatch

Amazon CloudWatch

Amazon CloudWatch is a cloud-based monitoring platform provided by Amazon Web Services. It offers service monitoring, anomaly detection, debugging, and other features. AWS earned $62.2 billion of Amazon’s $469 billion in yearly sales in 2021.

In the service monitoring market, Amazon CloudWatch competes with Dynatrace. Nevertheless, Amazon CloudWatch is only for service providers. Companies may increase anomaly detection by combining CloudWatch with CloudWatch Logs and EKSorpersonalized metrics and dashboards. For service providers, Amazon CloudWatch is the ideal alternative to Dynatrace.

#14. Sumo Logic

Sumo Logic

Sumo Logic is a cloud-based software firm that specializes in data analytics and log management. Sumo Logic’s Continuous Intelligence Platform enables businesses to automate data collection and analysis in order to enhance app performance. Sumo Logic has over 900 employees and produced $242 million in sales in 2022.

Sumo Logic assists enterprises in gaining IT insights and managing their apps in real-time. Yet, Sumo Logic provides an industry-first Continuous Intelligence Platform. It collects and analyzes data in seconds and provides actionable insights. Users can use queries to retrieve useful data in their logs.

#15. Elastic


Elastic is a technology business that provides solutions for search, observability, and security. Users can handle large-scale deployments thanks to its observability. Elastic’s yearly sales climbed 42% to $608.5 million in 2021. Its SaaS sales increased by 80% to $166.3 million.

Elastic provides full-stack monitoring and security systems. Yet, Elastic offers greater observability features. Developers may use Elasticsearch for search analytics, Kibana for data visualization, and Logstash for log processing.

It also enables users to respond to problems in a timely and suitable manner. For monitoring large-scale cloud-app deployments, Elastic is a viable alternatives to Dynatrace.

Micro Focus is a software and information technology business that provides OpsBridge, a monitoring solution similar to Dynatrace. This approach analyzes the underlying causes of technical challenges and facilitates rapid problem solutions. Micro Focus had 12,000 workers and $3 billion in revenue in 2020.

Micro Focus provides data center solutions, endpoint management, identity and access management (IAM), security analytics, big data, and information security. Its OpsBridge product is one of the top AI monitoring and analysis tools.

More than 40,000 customers worldwide rely on Micro Focus’ predictive analytics and hybrid IT management to bridge the gap between old and new technologies and secure IT assets. In 2020, the corporation released a three-year revenue growth strategy.

#16. Oracle


Oracle is a renowned technology business that provides application performance monitoring (APM) software. The business also offers cloud computing, cybersecurity, identity, and access management solutions. In 2021, Oracle had roughly 136,000 workers and $40.5 billion in sales.

Oracle APM allows customers to monitor their applications and does root-cause investigations on observed issues. Oracle assists enterprises in managing and securing their applications and IT assets.


In this article we look after some of the best alternatives to dynatrace which provides application performance monitor for systems. We also discuss some of the amazing dynatrace services which they offer like Application security, cloud automation, apps and microservices, Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM),  Infrastructure Monitoring, etc. We you have any questions regarding dynatrace alternatives let us know in the comment section.

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