Top 20 CentralReach Alternatives for HealthCare to Use in 2024

Top 20 CentralReach Alternatives for HealthCare to Use in 2024

CentralReach specializes in software for applied behavior analysis and behavioral healthcare from inception to completion. To support outcomes-based autistic care, it offers an optimal ABA billing system, a fully integrated electronic medical record (EMR) that complies with HIPAA, and intelligent scheduling. The suite of electronic ABA data collection options offered by the platform enables the provision of superior client care and improved outcomes. The principal aim of CentralReach is to enhance client satisfaction by reducing inefficiencies and optimizing back-office processes. Furthermore, the platform endeavors to optimize billing and revenue cycle processes through the utilization of an accomplished ABA billing team, which possesses the capability to increase claims reimbursements by up to 96%.

Regarding CentralReach

Clinical platforms, EMR, and practice management software CentralReach are utilized by Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and other organizations that provide care for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) and autism. Intake, scheduling, billing, claims management, mobile data collection, progress monitoring, documentation, business intelligence and analytics solutions, and more are all integrated into the HIPAA-compliant, web-based system. Assessments for autism and IDD, a learning management system, billing services, and a precision teaching solution are integrated with CentralReach.

  • The CentralReach platform’s integrations and time-saving efficiencies enable large and medium-sized businesses to provide services to a greater number of clients.

HIPAA-compliant client intake and file storage ensure the protection of protected health information (PHI); effective scheduling optimizes reimbursements by ensuring the delivery of all authorized treatment hours; RCM cash flow is enhanced through utilization of business intelligence reporting and analytics; and billing, claim scrubbing, clearinghouse integration, payment posting, invoicing, credit card processing, and secondary and tertiary insurance billing contribute to improved cash flow.

  • CentralReach is selected by therapy practices as a means to enhance patient care.
  • The program management and data collection solution enables efficient staff oversight, regular monitoring of client progress, remote parent education, and video modeling.
  • Automations enable clinicians to allocate more time toward client interactions rather than documentation and administrative tasks.
  • Additionally, the CR Mobile app facilitates the provision of comprehensive care, whether in person or remotely.

Positive aspects of utilizing CentralReach

  • CentralReach facilitates the integration of clinical notes and claims, enabling the automatic generation of progress reports that utilize pre-built claims templates.
  • Organizations can efficiently monitor the progress of individual students through the integration of precision teaching into their ABA programming using CentralReach.
  • Human resource management that is fully integrated enables users to oversee personnel on the same platform from which they administer their practice, operations, and clinical data.
  • The HIPAA-secure one-on-one and group chat capabilities of the CentralReach iPhone/Android app enable users to schedule and view appointments and contact information, as well as communicate with colleagues via electronic Data Sheets while on the move.
  • The standardization of protocols, clinical note templates, and custom program books is facilitated by CentralReach.

CentralReach Biography and Mission


CentralReach is dedicated to fulfilling our objective of equipping clinicians and educators with state-of-the-art solutions that enhance the results achieved by their clients and patients.

CentralReach is the preeminent provider of clinical solutions, practice management, and electronic medical records (EMR) that empower Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and other behavioral health practices to provide high-quality autism care with exceptional results. Innovative solutions such as learning management, clinical data collection, scheduling, and billing, among others, are transforming the ABA industry. CentralReach, a company that is relied upon by over 100,000 clinicians and educators, is dedicated to continuously enhancing its products, providing industry leadership in terms of knowledge, ensuring exceptional client satisfaction, and supporting the ABA community to usher in a new era of excellence for industry practitioners.

Top 20 CentralReach Alternatives to Use in 2024

The top 20 CentralReach Alternatives to Use in 2024 are the following:

1. Raintree

2. Raintree

Raintree has the potential to emerge as a formidable competitor to CentralReach within the domain of physical therapy practices. Raintree is presumably the largest software company on this list. Practice management systems are utilized by six of the ten largest therapy groups in the United States, per their website. This software is not specifically tailored or limited to PT. A variety of therapies, including speech, OT, rehabilitation, pediatrics, and PT, utilize Raintree as a platform. This requires substantial adjustments to generate workflows and modify templates specifically for a medical practice.

Raintree oversees documentation, billing, scheduling, and appointment reminders in a manner comparable to medical software. Additionally, telehealth and patient engagement are prioritized, so this may be the case for you. Raintree, in contrast to StrataEMR, does not include billing services within its subscription package. You must pursue denied claims. Raintree’s EMR platform is specifically tailored to meet the needs of larger clinics. While RCM and automated billing have the potential to augment revenue, they refrain from pursuing unpaid reimbursements. This may lead to a rise in expenses related to revenue.

2. StrataEMR

1. Strat2aEMR

Our CentralReach alternatives begin with StrataEMR, the physical therapy software developed by StrataPT. We plan to utilize StrataEMR, our PT platform, to secure payment for you.

When comparing PT EMRs, reimbursement by StrataEMR is given precedence.

As previously mentioned, the majority of therapy software providers incorporate RCM and billing capabilities into documentation-focused EMRs. However, this is reversed. StrataEMR underwent a transformation from a billing application to a PT platform. Each StrataEMR activity, from patient intake to documentation, is optimized to increase revenue.

However, what does that imply in practice?

On account of erroneous or inadequate documentation, CentralReach or a competitor may only reimburse up to 80% of the claims. The mean reimbursement rate for StrataPT clients exceeds 99 percent. Additionally, they receive payment more promptly. Using StrataPT, over 95% of billings are reimbursed within 60-90 days. This is in contrast to the industry average of 75% paid after 120 days.

3. AgileEMR


  • The emphasis is on an EMR system developed with physical therapy in mind.
  • Comprehensive management of templates, billing, documentation, and scheduling are among the key features.
  • The benefit to the user: an intuitive design that facilitates efficient practice management and navigation.

4. OptimisPT


  • Developed specifically for therapists by therapists.
  • Web-based EMR/documentation software with rehabilitation therapy solutions supported by empirical evidence.
  • Objective: achieving high-quality, consistent care while maintaining compliance and efficiency.

5. InSync Healthcare Solutions

12. InSync Healthcare Solutions

TheraNest functions as a dynamic substitute for CentralReach, presenting an optimized methodology for the administration of healthcare. This all-encompassing platform is specifically designed for mental health practitioners, offering functionalities including the ability to schedule appointments, maintain therapy notes, and process invoices. TheraNest is an accessible option for both individual practitioners and larger mental health practices due to its emphasis on user-friendly interfaces. TheraNest is a multifunctional solution that enhances the operational workflows of mental health practitioners thanks to its commitment to effectiveness and user-friendliness.

6. AdvancedMD EHR

AdvancedMD EHR

  • Cloud-based practice management system with a specific emphasis on healthcare practices.
  • Advanced EHR, robust scheduling, telemedicine, eRx, and HIPAA-compliant CRM are key features.
  • Operational Streamlining: A single login controls the entire practice, from scheduling to billing.

7. SimplePractice


  • Individuals and groups engage in private practices.
  • Principal Functionalities: Telehealth integration, insurance claims filing, online scheduling, billing, and HIPAA compliance; HIPAA-compliant platform.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Facilitates the optimization of all business operations for healthcare practitioners.

8. Tebra

3. Tebra

Tebra is an advanced application specifically developed to provide resolutions for both healthcare providers and recipients. The EMR Kareo and the clinic marketing software PatientPop were merged to form the new entity in 2022. This software serves as an informational resource for patients, billing practices, and practices. With great aspiration, the probability of achieving success remains ambiguous. Private practices may implement an all-in-one EMR to manage patient experience, billing, and documentation. PatientPop, as opposed to alternative PT EMRs, offers marketing services and social media management tools to aid in the expansion of your practice. Moreover, it facilitates the process of patients locating healthcare services. Your clinic may appear in search results for “PT in Houston.” This could potentially create a successful new marketing channel.

To provide software directly to billers, Tebra is required to possess a reasonable comprehension of billing. Tebra lacks a human services department to pursue denied claims, despite the utilization of its sophisticated billing tools. There are no PT-specific tools on this page. It comprises all practices. That may not satisfy your specified criteria. Innovative in nature, Tebra is specifically engineered to aid medical professionals. Nevertheless, this software might not fulfill your PT prerequisites.

9. Heno

4. Heno

Heno, as opposed to Tebra and Raintree, was developed specifically for PTs. Despite potentially lacking the reliability of Raintree or CentralReach, Heno remains primarily designed for physical therapy. It is noteworthy that Heno’s software, similar to StrataPT, incorporates RCM and EMR. The billing software and service integration facilitate the centralized submission of claims.

This feature obviates the necessity for manual submission of these claims, and Heno prioritizes usability. However, clinics remain uninformed regarding Heno’s reimbursement earnings. It is more desirable to attain successful collections and high reimbursement rates as opposed to simplicity. (StrataPT guarantees reimbursement of over 99 percent.) In addition, Heno’s EMR handles patient intake and appointment scheduling for your practice. As per user feedback on Capterra, the degree of customization that can be expected from the documentation functions is comparatively limited. Furthermore, reviews have expressed dissatisfaction with the slow and inefficient customer service. Physical therapists and clinic administrators seeking assistance may consider this to be inappropriate. The PT-specific Heno software efficiently facilitates billing. The customer service has produced dissatisfied customers in the past.

10. Systems4PT

5. Systems4PT

Systems4PT is an unrestricted platform designed to meet the unique requirements of physical therapists. Its distinctive characteristics include billing, patient engagement, and automated documentation. Systems4PT aims to reduce workloads, guesswork, and human error in the context of practice management. It automatically populates your documentation with information from medical evaluations and patient intake forms. It is unnecessary to reenter this information into your billing system, as it has already been incorporated.

Systems4PT asserts that this practical feature is reimbursed by customers at a high rate, comparable to that of StrataPT and Heno. Due to the automated nature of the system, human intervention is not required. There is no team accessible to assist with billing or collections for claims that are denied. Customer reviews indicate that despite Systems4PT’s steep learning curve, the investment may prove to be profitable in the long run.

11. Acuity Scheduling

6. Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling caters to a broader range of clients in comparison to UWorld, an organization that focuses exclusively on exam preparation for medical professionals. Among other industries, wellness, beauty, and consulting comprise its areas of expertise. The primary aim of Acuity Scheduling is to optimize the appointment scheduling procedure through the provision of a dependable and user-centric platform for appointment management and scheduling.

Fundamentally, Acuity Scheduling operates as an enhanced alternative to UWorld, offering a tailored solution for organizations and experts aiming to streamline their appointment scheduling and management processes. Acuity Scheduling provides a comprehensive and user-centric online appointment management experience by emphasizing ease of use, timely availability notifications, streamlined appointment scheduling, and advanced payment options.

12. Noteable

8. Noteable

Prominent is a comprehensive cloud-based solution that Noteable created with behavioral service providers in mind. By incorporating a mobile data collection application and an ABA Data Suite, it optimizes and expedites the ergonomic collection of in-session data. Noteable stands out for its partnership service and support model, which guarantees prompt responses and resolutions to user inquiries. Noteable offers a range of features, including customizable reports and notes, automated claims generation, scheduling capabilities, electronic faxing, telehealth support, business analytics, client-centric navigation, and contextual reminders. It suits organizations with numerous locations and programs exceptionally well.

13. Sevocity EHR

9. Sevocity EHR

Sevocity EHR presents itself as the ideal choice for practices seeking ongoing expansion and assistance. In addition to its top-rated implementation, Sevocity offers continuous customization and individualized training to practices and providers. The platform offers 365-day, round-the-clock live support in the United States and all-inclusive pricing. Sevocity EHR is dedicated to cultivating partnerships with healthcare professionals to efficiently respond to their evolving needs over time.

14. Clinicmaster

10. Clinicmaster

Clinicmaster, a practice management software that offers a range of tools and functionalities to optimize clinic operations, positions itself as the most all-encompassing solution currently available in the market. Clinicmaster aspires to offer a comprehensive solution by facilitating access to superior third-party services and providing an extensive array of features. The platform provides practitioners with the necessary resources to effectively manage their clinics and ensure overall success.

15.  Kareo


  • a web-based practice management platform designed specifically for independent practices.
  • Physician practices with 1–10 providers and medical billing organizations with 1-100 providers are the intended audience.
  • Principal Functions: Clinical, billing, and marketing modules are consolidated into a single, user-friendly platform.

16. Medesk


  • Cloud-based platform designed specifically for private clinics and medical practitioners.
  • Video consultations, EHR integration, online scheduling, appointment reminders, and robust analytics are among the most important features.
  • One-of-a-kind solutions designed specifically for general practitioners, mental health specialists, and hair loss specialists.

17. MedBridge


  • The Clinician App and the Patient App are critical applications.
  • Principal Characteristics: Provides patient education, continuing education, and home exercise programs.
  • Educational Emphasis: Enhances outcomes by providing practitioners and patients with accessible and high-quality education.

18. PracticeMate


  • The service provider is Office Ally.
  • Principal Functions: streamline billing, revenue cycle management, reporting, and booking.
  • Operational Enhancement: Implements comprehensive management tools to increase practice efficiency.

19. Clinicient


  • Focus: Web-based and mobile-specific EMR for therapists.
  • Key Features: One-stop solution for scheduling, documentation, reporting, and rules-based insurance billing.
  • User Benefit: An easy-to-use and compliant documentation suite designed for and by therapists.

20.  Prime Suite

Prime Suite

Greenway Health’s ambulatory platform equips healthcare organizations with clinical, financial, and administrative tools and services. Prime Suite is Greenway’s EHR and practice management (PM) system. Practices can choose between on-premise and hosted options, as well as integrated solutions for revenue cycle management, interoperability, population health management, mobile access, analytics, and patient engagement.

Prime Suite facilitates clinical documentation for primary care and specialties by providing templates tailored to the encounters that physicians see the most frequently. Prime Suite is certified for MU Stages 1 and 2, and it is prevalidated to offer NCQA patient-centered medical home (PCMH) recognition points.

In closing,

In summary, CentralReach is a leader in the field of behavioral healthcare, with a specific focus on comprehensive software for applied behavior analysis (ABA). This platform is proud to offer complete solutions for outcomes-based autism care. It has an excellent ABA billing system, an electronic medical record (EMR) that is fully integrated and HIPAA-compliant, and smart scheduling tools. CentralReach’s provision of a suite of electronic ABA data collection options serves to improve the quality of care delivered and its pursuit of superior client outcomes. The primary objective of CentralReach is to enhance client satisfaction, minimize inefficiencies, and optimize back-office processes. The platform is dedicated to improving billing and revenue cycle operations, which can substantially enhance claim reimbursements.


What is the central objective of CentralReach?

The primary focus of CentralReach is outcomes-based autistic care and end-to-end applied behavior analysis (ABA) software for behavioral healthcare.

Which fundamental functionalities does CentralReach offer ABA practices?

Intelligent scheduling, an optimal ABA billing system, a fully integrated electronic medical record (EMR) that complies with HIPAA, and a suite of electronic ABA data collection options are all provided by CentralReach.

What is CentralReach’s strategy for enhancing client outcomes?

With its extensive suite of electronic ABA data collection options, CentralReach endeavors to improve care provision and attain superior outcomes for clients.

How does CentralReach contribute to the optimization of back-office processes?

By streamlining administrative processes, CentralReach is intended to optimize back-office procedures, reduce inefficiencies, and increase overall client satisfaction.

What contribution does CentralReach make to revenue cycle and billing operations?

By leveraging the capabilities of an accomplished ABA billing team, CentralReach can optimize billing and revenue cycle processes, which may result in a 96% increase in claims reimbursements.

What characteristics distinguish CentralReach as an all-encompassing platform for ABA practices?

CentralReach provides ABA practices with an all-in-one platform by integrating solutions for billing, scheduling, intake, mobile data collection, progress monitoring, documentation, business intelligence, and analytics.

Who do the users of CentralReach benefit?

By assisting Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) practices and others that provide care for individuals with autism and intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), CentralReach enables organizations of all sizes to operate more effectively in their client service.

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