Car Lease Calculator: What Are The Best Lease Calculator And Their Benefits

car leasing

Do you intend to lease your future vehicle? Consequently, an car lease calculator is a crucial tool. We’ll demonstrate how to utilize one in this special to obtain the greatest price. The leasing industry is booming in the USA. One-fourth of all clients choose to lease their next car rather than buy one. In the UK, we’ve been a little less enthused thus far. However, more and more drivers are choosing to change. You ought to, too.

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What Do You Need A Car Lease Calculator For?

You’ll need to comprehend a few factors that set leasing apart from other methods of automobile ownership in order to respond to that inquiry. You’ll need to do some number crunching first. Because leasing is typically the most expensive choice available to you, despite how appealing it may appear on paper,

Leasing has long been an anomaly in the auto finance world. It was still only created recently. Even the language is different. It too has excellent monthly rates but ultimately costs a lot. But more crucially, it offers some special advantages that no other kind of finance can provide.


Even professionals can disagree on the benefits and drawbacks of leasing. For this reason, a vehicle loan calculator is essential. Within minutes, it may provide you with precise answers to your financial queries. Additionally, you may experiment with the variables to discover the best combination for you.

It’s odd that there aren’t too many car lease calculators available. Even more motivation to search for…

Best Car Lease Calculators

As we have said, car leasing is still quite new in the UK. Because of this, you won’t find any helpful car lease calculators on this page. Not even on WhatCar Leasing’s website, which otherwise has some great introductory material on the subject.



Tools to determine certain tax elements of leasing for businesses are available on the UK website That’s obviously not what we’re searching for, though. Fortunately, the lease procedures are the same as in the USA. Therefore, to calculate the expenses of leasing here, utilize automobile lease calculators created for American users.

The Two Best Tools

The two greatest tools are probably those offered by the appropriately named and the automotive valuation website Edmunds.

#1. Edmunds

car lease calculator


The Edmunds    leasing calculator is the most thorough of the two. It has a lot of distinctive components, including costs and discounts as well as annual mileage. These might not always be required. However, they could improve the accuracy of your computations.


car lease calculator


However, the calculator provided by will be more than sufficient for the majority of uses. It includes a down payment, the value of the trade-in, and all other essential elements. Let’s examine the components of a car leasing calculator in order to comprehend how to utilize this instrument.

But first, we need to make a rapid turn. How is leasing different specifically?

How Leasing Works?


The fundamentals of leasing an automobile and purchasing one are comparable. You take out a loan and then repay it over time with regular payments. However, there are some variations in how the loan is determined. You only use an automobile for a short period of time when you lease it. The majority of the time, you will return the vehicle at the conclusion of the contract and establish a new one. The car can then be sold by the dealer as a used car. Financing operates in a very same manner. Only the difference between the car’s present worth and its resale value at the conclusion of the lease must be financed, not the whole cost of the vehicle. In essence, you are paying interest on the car’s depreciation.

The Elements Of A Car Lease Calculator

Residual Value

As you can see, three key factors determine how much money you’ll need to borrow.

  • The cost of the automobile right now
  • its remaining worth
  • The advance payment

It is simple to understand that a more costly automobile will result in higher monthly payments, but a sizable down payment would result in lower monthly payments. However, what about the residual value?

The Most Important Factor

It’s best explained by Edmunds:

“According to leasing experts, the vehicle’s residual value—a forecast of what it will be worth at the conclusion of the lease term—is the most crucial element in a lease. (…) The residual value is significant since the smaller the payment, the bigger its proportion. The difference between a vehicle’s selling price and its residual value is used to calculate the lease payment.”


Therefore, leasing charges include a delicate balance: the more costly the automobile, the greater the fees. However, a more costly vehicle will frequently have a higher residual value, which in turn lowers your debt. You may determine which vehicles offer the best balance of purchase price and residual value with a car loan calculator.

Car Lease Calculator Excel

Customers may choose from a variety of options when looking to buy a new automobile. One among those choices is automobile leasing. We’re going to provide you a vehicle leasing spreadsheet in this post, which is an Excel file that you can use to figure your monthly lease payments.

The spreadsheet is just as complex as any online version that can be accessed on the Internet. This calculator was created to offer greater versatility than many other calculators on the web because it is a free downloaded application.

Car Lease Spreadsheet (Excel) Instructions

You may get the spreadsheet by visiting the following link: Calculator for car leases. Users will see the tool already has sample data once they open the file in Excel (it should also work in LibreOffice or OpenOffice Calc). Users only need to replace the sample values with the details of the automobile lease they are analyzing.

A cell value that is “blue” denotes the requirement for an input. Calculations or spreadsheet explanations are performed in the remaining cells.

Online Car Lease Calculators

We may also assist if an online auto leasing calculator is preferred. In fact, customers may use our full range of vehicle loan and lease calculators without paying a dime. That service also has an online auto leasing calculator with the same structure as the spreadsheet above. We also provide detailed instructions for each of our online tools.

The Elements Of A Car Lease Calculator

Money Factor

The usage of a special variable termed the money component is one of the elements that differentiates leasing from purchasing. In typical purchasing contracts, the money component is a variation of the interest rate. You may get the money factor by dividing the interest rate by 2,400 using a calculator. The resultant figure will resemble this: 0.00125. Or 0.0025.

Why would you add to the complexity? Why not simply utilize interest rates, as you would with any other kind of financing?

A Useful Complication

The exact date when the money element was added is unknown. We do know that it is really pretty handy if you get used to it. This is due to the fact that you can easily and perfectly calculate the monthly leasing cost using this method.

Or, to put it another way:

In order to calculate the monthly payment for a lease, “the Money Factor is utilized to determine the amount of interest owed in a single month.”

Relax if you’re still perplexed. Calculate the money element first, and the vehicle leasing calculator will handle the rest.

To Lease Or Not To Lease

Now that the fundamental components of a car lease have been defined, should you make the commitment?

Obviously, there isn’t a simple solution to this. Leasing benefits companies since it is partially tax deductible. Additionally, it implies that your daily transportation is a brand-new automobile. Forget about MOTs, maintenance, and keeping up with the newest technologies.

Another financial benefit of leasing is that your monthly rates will be cheaper than they would be if you were buying because you are just financing the depreciation. In actuality, they will be far less.

Never Yours

The main drawback of leasing is that you never truly own the vehicle until you choose to do so at the conclusion of the lease, which is something that the majority of people don’t do. This implies that you can’t change it. Additionally, every damage you sustain is immediately added to the tab.

Leasing is not always a financial success. Despite the low monthly payments, the overall expenditures are frequently substantial. This is because, since you never truly own the car, you are unable to resell it after your lease expires. Additionally, many lease agreements limit the number of kilometers you may drive. If you go beyond this limit, charges can spike suddenly.

Leasing Vs Buying Used

If money is tight, you could be tempted to choose leasing in either case. However, keep in mind that there are other options. Finance for cars with very bad credit is accessible. One of the finest options is to purchase used items with a monthly payment that is as little as you comfortably can.

By doing so, you may complement the advantages of buying with those of leasing.

At Concept Car Credit, this is the way things are done. You may discover several fantastic vehicles in our store at excellent pricing. We’ll work with you to come up with a financing plan that works for you, and you might be the happy owner of a car in a matter of hours. Use a vehicle lease calculator and our very own auto loan calculator to compare the expenses of leasing with the costs of buying with us. The outcomes could surprise you.

Car Lease Calculator Money Factor

What Is Money Factor?

The monthly lease payment’s financing cost constitutes the money element. The money factor is simply the fraction of a lease’s monthly payments that is designated for the lease’s financing costs. It is comparable to the interest a mortgage holder pays. Typically, the money element is not stated in an APR (annual percentage rate). The cited money component must be multiplied by 2,400 to produce an APR.

car lease calculator

It should be mentioned that the convention might make it challenging to grasp the financial aspect. The leasing charge, lease factor, or factor are other names for the money element. Furthermore, it maintains that the total lease payment would be higher every month the higher the money element on a lease.

The cost of borrowing is another way to think about the monetary element. Essentially, it represents the return that the lessor anticipates on the lease that they are giving to the lessee.

How To Calculate Money Factor

Although a vehicle dealership or bank will normally supply the money element in a car lease, it is still helpful to know how it is determined. The money factor calculation formula is given below:

car lease calculator


  • Sum Of Monthly Finance Fees – It is also referred to as the total lease fee and represents the total of all monthly payments made over the lease’s whole period.
  • Lease Price – The cost of the lease; most frequently, the cost of the rented vehicle.
  • Residual Value – The asset’s post-lease value; in most cases, this is the worth of the automobile.
  • Lease Term – The term of the lease, in months.

Money Factor Intuition

It’s critical to have a solid credit history to get a reduced money factor on a car lease. It could aid in lowering the monthly loan charges. Additionally, a high residual value for the vehicle will lower the money factor. It should be mentioned that in order to avoid being duped, automobile leasing customers should be aware of the potential financial effects of the money element and comprehend how it is quoted.

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